Asynchronous motor

Evgeny I. Zabudsky (ENglish)

Evgeny I. Zabudsky (RUssian)

Moscow 2012

This is the page of professor Evgeny I. Zabudsky specialized in electrical machines and computer technologies.
Page contains the results of scientific, educational and methodical job. Computer film is available for demonstration and is free to download (Certificate #3/93 dated Sept. 10, 1993).

Russian version of the web page contains some chapters of the study by Zabudsky E.I.:

Combined Adjusted Electro-magnetic Reactors.:
Published by EnergoAtomIzdat, MSAU. Moscow, 2003. 436 p.

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1.CV, contact information.
1.1.Scientific Directions and Technical Projects.
1.1.1.Controlled Reactor with Revolving Magnetic Field for Air Plasma Metal Cutting Plant Power Source.
1.1.2.Reactive-Capacitive Facilities for Distributed Electrical Networks Regimes Control.
1.1.3.Microprocessor Automatic Control System (ACS) for Electric Network Voltage Stabilization.
1.1.4.Program-instrumental complex "Microprocessor System for Step Motor Driving"
1.1.5.Complex of Mathematical Models and Computer Programs
1.1.6.Slide-show "Geometric interprenanion of the results of magnetic field calculation in electromechanical facilites"
1.2.Lecture Courses & Publications.
1.2.1.Lecture Courses.
....... Machines.
1.2.2.Publications. and Textbooks for Universities. Packets of Computer Programs. (Copyright Certificates). Articles (selective). on Scientific and Technical Conferences (selective). on Scientific and Methodical Conferences. Educational and Methodical Developments (selective). electromagnetic facilities For control systems in power engineering.

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