Complex of Mathematical Models and Computer Programs

Generalized mathematical model of "anatomy" of transformer type and electric machine type reactors, algorithm and its program realization are developed on the basis of Maxwell's field theory and finite elements method. By dint of created model correlations between constructive and schemotechnical features of devices and their differential and integral characteristics are established.
Mathematical model takes into consideration a non-linearity of magnetic environment and an actual longitudinal and cross geometry of transformer type and electric machine type facilities, respectively.
The distinctive feature of this model is considerable simplification of initial data file preparation due to program coordinates calculation of the majority of finite elements ensemble knots. Another feature is realization of automatic ensemble building in AutoCAD graphic environment. These peculiarities improve calculation region approximation adequation, exclude routine work and simplify results analyzing.
Calculations of fixed and quasifixed magnetic fields in a typical constructions of controlled and saturated reactors are performed. Project decisions for facilities optimization are taken on the base of results analyzing.
Generalized mathematical model of electromagnetic regimes (normal, transient, non- symmetric, etc) of combined facilities operating, algorithm and its program realization are developed on the basis of electric and magnetic circuits non-linear theory. An active part of these facilities contains arbitrary constructed magnetic core with attached windings.
This model takes into account losses in magnetic core steel and an actual configuration of magnetic circuit. (The losses are considered to be a function of magnetic induction). For the sake of computer solving stability improving and calculation time reducing the model is represented in transformed system of physical quantities.
Electromagnetic regimes and phenomena occurring at magnetizing of typical constructed magnetic cores of controlled and saturated reactors are calculated and researched.
For the aim of choosing of main transformer type facility dimensions (diameter of magnetic core pivots, mean diameter of ring dissipation channel, wending height) a program for calculation is developed. The program provides minimal active part cost optimization and takes into consideration limitations on normalized parameters, e.g. idling and short circuit losses, short circuit voltage, idling current, etc.
The distinctive characteristic of this program is a high level of universality. On the base of this program the calculations are performed according to features listed: 1) magnetic core construction (plane charged, spatial joined, spatial twisted); 2) magnetic core material (cold- rolled steel, hot-rolled steel); 3) concentric windings number per phase (2, 3); 4) winding cable material (Cu, Al); 5) cooling (oil, natural air).
Developed mathematical models and computer programs are used in studies on Numerical Methods in Electromechanics.

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