Controlled Reactor with Revolving Magnetic Field for Air Plasma Metal Cutting Plant Power Source

Reactor is based on stator plates of 4-poles non-synchronous motor VAO14-4 produced by "Electromash"-plant (Tiraspol) and works in regime of symmetrical magnetizing. The power of reactor is 250 kV.A. Reactor is intended for operation as an adjusting element in plasmatron power source scheme used for air plasma cutting of metals. Reactor is entered to scheme by way of controlled throttle.
When the voltage of electric network 360...380 V is linear reactor provides a rectified idling voltage on the arc 500...525 V. Rectification is performed according to 3-phase two half- periodic scheme. (An active part of reactor is shown at the picture).
Qualitative indices of developed controlled reactor in the range of average operating currents are well enough.

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