Scientific Articles (selective)

Zabudskij J. Analiz matematiceskoj modeli magnitnoj cepi upravlajemych reaktorov s vrascajuscimsia polem na cifrovoj vycislitelnoj masine // Elektrotechnicky casopis, 29, 1978, c.1. - s.21-41 (Bratislava, Vydavatelstvo Slovenskej Akademie Vied).
Erhan F.M., Ermouraki Yu.V., Zabudsky E.I., Kozyrin S.F. The Main Principles and Facilities for Ice Melting in Distributive Networks of 10 kV Voltage // Proc. of the Moldavian Academy of Science (Physics and Engineering), 1990. # 2. - pp.52-55.
Zabudsky E.I., Ermouraki Yu.V., Kozyrin S.F. The New Constructions of Ferromagnetic Facilities for Electric Power Engineering // Electrical Engineering. 1991. # 2. - pp.44-48.
Zabudsky E.I., Pavlov M.V. Magnetic Field Calculation in Electro Mechanical Facilities and a Results Interpretation by Means of Computer Graphics // Electrical Engineering. 1995. # 4. - pp.44-46.
Zabudsky E.I., Petlenko D.B. Calculation of Linear Electric Drive Differential Characteristics // Interuniv. Collection of Scientific Articles: Electrotechnical Systems of Automobile Means and their Robot-Added Productions. Moscow: MAMI, 1995, - pp. 125-129.
Zabudsky E.I. URV Magnetic Circuit Optimization and Research of Magnetizing Regimes // The Bulletin of Ural State Technical University: Electromechanics and Electrotechnology. Ekaterinburg: 1995, - pp.176-183.
Zabudsky E.I. Microprocessor System for Automatic Control of Electric Network Voltage Stabilization // Energy Saving. # 4, 1998, - pp. 54-61.
Zabudsky E.I. Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Combined Controlled Reactors // The Bulletin of Ulyanovsk State Technical University: Instrumental-Making, Electronics and Power Engineering. # 4, Ulyanovsk: UlSTU, 1998, - pp. 73-80.
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Zabudsky E.I. Analysis of Combined Controlled Facilities Electromagnetic Regimes of Electric Power Engineering Purpose // Energy Saving. # 1, 1999, - pp. 62-75.
Zabudsky E.I. Application of adjustable electroenergetical facilities for power systems operating regimes improvement // Energy saving. # 2, 1999, - pp. 105-111.
Zabudsky E.I. Controlled reactors for electric power industry // Proceedings: Electrification, automation and a computerization for agriculture. - Moscow: MSAU, 2000. - 11 p.
Zabudsky E.I. Electric network voltage stabilization based on single-crystal microcomputer:// Proceedings: Functioning efficiency increasing of electric power systems for agriculture. - Moscow: MSAU, 2001. - 20 p.
Zabudsky E.I. Finite element analysis of the combined controlled reactors // Proceedings: Electric devices and electrotechnologies for agriculture. - Moscow: MSAU, 2002. - 12 p.

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