Scientific Directions

Adjustable electromagnetic facilities for electrical power engineering systems regimes control; mathematical modeling of facilities "anatomy" and "physiology" based on Maxwell's field theory, theory of nonlinear circuits and computer technologies; microprocessor systems for electrical power engineering objects automation control.

Scientific and Technical Projects

Power source based on reactor with revolving magnetic field for air plasma metal cutting plant is developed. Customer: Moldavgidromash (Kishinev, Moldova).
Reactive-capacitive facilities for distributed electrical networks regimes control are developed. Customer: MoldavEnergo (Kishinev, Moldova).
Microprocessor automatic control system for electric network voltage stabilization is developed. Customer: UlyanovskEnergo (Ulyanovsk, Russia).
Program-instrumental complex "Microprocessor System for Step Motor Driving" is developed. Customer: Department of Electrical Machines (Kishinev Polytechnical Institute, Moldova).
Complex of mathematical models and computer programs for calculations of ferromagnetic facilities electromagnetic fields and regimes is developed. Customer: Joint-Stock Company "Kontaktor" (Ulyanovsk, Russia).
Computer film "Geometric Interpretation of Magnetic Field Calculations Results in Electromechanical Facilities". Customer: Department of Electrical Machines (Kishinev Polytechnical Institute, Moldova).
Laboratory stand for the Transformers chapter of Electric Machines course is developed. The customer is a department of Electric Power Supply and Electric Machines of MSAU(Moscow).

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